Are Somerset residents paying too much for water?

Research conducted by Freeflush, a Manchester based “water harvesting company”, has revealed that despite having the heaviest rainfall in the country, we pay more than anyone else in England and Wales for our water. You might think given that we in Somerset spend half our time inundated, water would not be an expensive commodity. But you’d be wrong!

Depending on where you live in the country your average water bill can be as little as £440.00 and as much as £943.00 per annum. The two most expensive companies, according to the research were Wessex Water with an average bill of £728 and South West Water £943. These are the two suppliers that most Somerset residents get their water from.

So that’s more than double the price paid by consumers in the South East of England, which ironically has the lowest rainfall.

Freeflush tell us that they gathered the data for England and Wales from the Consumer Council of Water using their water meter calculator and basing figures on an average household of four people using 165m3 per year. The information shows that water prices vary significantly and what you pay generally depends on where you live and who your water company is.

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