Another scam in Somerset

There is a new scam taking advantage of the fact that everyone is now at home. You get an email asking you to renew your TV License. There are some clues to the scam. Like the fact the amount of the renewal is stated as GBP 151.99.

Whereas if you go to the official TV licensing website you’ll discover it says “It costs £157.50 for a colour and £53 for a black and white TV Licence.”

Please note this scam is active in Somerset right now.

In many mailboxes the link to “renew now” is flagged up as dangerous. But in any event do not use it!

If you do need to renew your TV license you can do so at

The scam email should be deleted immediately. It reads like this:

Dear …….

To continue to watch or record live TV programmes on
any channel or device, or to download or watch BBC programmes
on iPlayer – either live, via catch up or on demand, you need
to be covered by a Licence.

Your year’s licence will cost GBP 151.99 and you can renew it
quickly online.

Renew now

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  1. John Leece Reply

    I had a similar email a few days ago. Asking me to submit bank details to restart my payments for TV licence as the previous payments had not worked. Utter rubbish! I pay my TV licence by monthly direct debit and it is working fine. I have forwarded the email to Financial Conduct Authority to investigate as recommended by Martin Lewis. I have subsequently blocked the sender and deleted the email. Never click on any links in such scam emails especially if asking for bank details. Keep safe everyone.

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