An outbreak of election vandalism

It was all a bit ironic. Driving along the A372 thinking “at least this year no-one has been out vandalising election posters.” Was this a sort of premonition?

I’m not sure but no sooner had the thought crossed my mind than every single roadside poster I spotted for the Conservatives, all the way from Long Sutton to Catsgore, had been defaced. Exactly as happened in the last election.

You have to hope that people, especially during an election, will rise above a level of juvenile vandalism to make a political point. Could you take seriously the views of anyone who, unable to articulate a point of view, simply resorted to spray painting over someone else’s message.

Including an “anarchy” symbol.

This always makes me chuckle inwardly. I have yet to meet a self-proclaimed anarchist who had some in-depth understanding of what anarchy is or was able to articulate their view of what it is.

Whatever it is or is not, in the context of spray painting posters you disagree with, it is always unacceptable. Democracy requires that we engage with each other in a civil fashion. The more so when we are ardently disagreeing. There’s nothing wrong with taking issue, arguing your corner, winning or losing on the merits of your own argument.

But vandalism is vandalism. And the fact it has an apparent political malice to it, does not make it anything other than vandalism.

We understand that the Police are aware. Hopefully attempts will be made to bring someone to account for this. It is wrong, and it speaks ill of the democratic process.

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