Advice on staying at home

As you will know there has been almost complete confusion over the Government advice about staying at home. For office based jobs working at home is often (but not always) possible.

What is much less clear is the position for manufacturing businesses. Machines in many businesses cannot simply be turned off. One process leads to another in a production chain. Most manufacturing businesses cannot simply switch off and their business is not one that can be done at home.

As long as the rules on safe distancing are observed, The Leveller understands employees of manufacturing businesses can and should go to work. Unless government advice changes or the employer puts the workforce in “furlough” (effectively you are granted leave of absence from your work) there is no reason not to go to work.

We know of a number of businesses in this boat that continue to operate including car mechanics, printing and food manufacturing businesses.

The advice as ever is to use your common sense.


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