A37 closed

The snow has finally delivered more than a brief powdering and this morning there are heavy falls across most of the county.

A number of roads across Somerset are passable with care but many are dangerous with ice underneath layers of snow. You should avoid travel unless absolutely essential. If you do go out in the car, you should ensure you have bottled water, a warm blanket, boots and ideally a flask with a hot drink in the car with you.

Most schools in Somerset are closed today – you can check here to see if yours is:

Somerset school closures

The A37 is closed at Kilver Hill and the hill between Pylle and Wraxall is dangerous and only passable with extreme care. This is of some interest if only because at 2pm yesterday, a couple of hours before the snow started falling in earnest (but at which point several councils had sent their employees home early)  the road appeared not to have been gritted.

We took the photo below of the road surface.IMG_0616

We raised this with the council and pointed out it did not appear to have been gritted that morning at 7am either when the temperature was -4 and the road clearly icy.

We know that Somerset County Council have included the gritting of roads in their cost saving plans as they try to break even. Today this is not looking so clever.

Somerset County Council assure us the road was gritted,

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