£20m The Price of Ambition

New plans have been unveiled which, if funds can be raised, will see the Brewhouse Theatre in Taunton transformed. Encouraged by the successful revitalisation of the theatre under the leadership of Vanessa Lefrancois, Taunton Deane Borough Council, owner of the Brewhouse have prepared plans to upgrade the building.

In a year when austerity appears to be rapidly becoming less fashionable, a brave new production costing £20m and adding 200 seats to the Brewhouse sounds less fanciful than it might have done even a fortnight ago.

brewhouse reimagined 1

The revitalised theatre would wrap around the existing, enlarged auditorium to provide a range of new and modern spaces such as studios, cinema and gallery while making the most of the river frontage and creating the potential for pop-up performances, markets and events.

The new plans will create a 21st century regional arts centre to enlighten, engage and entertain people, for generations to come. Although we are told the project could be delivered in 3 to 4 years that is of course dependent on raising funds and here at least the council are being realistic. Council leader John Williams suggesting that “Securing the funds needed to deliver these ambitious plans for the Brewhouse expansion will not be easy, but having a viable and deliverable plan is a vital first step.”

A full article will be included in the July edition of the Somerset Leveller

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