2,000 residents sign Brewhouse petition

The petition to pledge support for the Brewhouse Theatre has attracted just under 2,000 residents. The future of the Brewhouse Theatre is to be discussed at the full council meeting of Somerset West & Taunton on 8th October. The Brewhouse is anxious to demonstrate the strength of feeling and support for Taunton’s Theatre ahead of that meeting.

Since being rescued from collapse by the then Taunton Deane Borough Council, the Brewhouse has recovered and gone from strength to strength.

The Taunton Theatre Association which now runs the theatre is the largest provider of arts and culture in Somerset West and Taunton; with a track-record of successfully delivering over 1,000 live performances, films, arts activities and exhibitions a year.  It should go without saying that regional arts venues are important to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the people they serve.

Especially those like the Brewhouse that have not resorted to a diet of tribute bands to put bums on seats.

Ambitious plans to redevelop The Brewhouse into a 750-seat theatre, dedicated cinema, 180-seat studio theatre, art gallery and community studios have now been put on hold by Somerset West and Taunton Council (SW&T).

Even as the redevelopment of the riverside area around the Coal Orchard site gets under way. The project, anticipated for The Brewhouse site, could be repurposed and provide a spectacular centre piece for Firepool.

The postponement of this development jeopardises the continuation of the high-quality, accessible and diverse arts events we deliver for you. Especially as SW&T starts looking at plans for a massive stadium complex in Firepool instead. Ideal for rock bands but would it actually offer anywhere for theatre.

SW&T have asked the Brewhouse to request additional funding to sustain their cultural offer, aware that The Brewhouse’s current lack of seats and ageing facilities require increased investment.

A decision on funding is imminent, if you value the Brewhouse, and more to the point what it stands for, please make your voice heard by signing their petition, My Theatre Matters which you can find here

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