11th Hour Drayton

The deal by which the pub the Drayton Arms was to be bought by a community group and run for the benefit of the village is teetering at the brink of success/failure. With a generous loan from SSDC and pledges of shares from the community they thought they were there.

Unfortunately not all of the pledges made turned into actual cash and they find themselves just £20,000 short of the target of £290,000. That is just 60 shares short.

The money will be used to purchase the pub, cover legal fees and a small contingency to cover the cost of immediate repairs/refurbishment.

The Drayton Arms has been registered as a Community Asset and that means the community group have until 24th January to purchase it for the community unopposed. However if they miss the deadline the pub can then be put on the open market.

As the 24th January deadline approaches, the group remain cautiously optimistic. However they would really like to sell the remaining 60 shares to be certain of going ahead. Is there anyone out there who might be interested? this could be your last chance!

Anyone interested in buying shares can find all the information on their website here  or email the group at

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