Have your say on plans for 250 homes between Rockwell Green and Wellington

RESIDENTS are being invited to have their say over a proposal to build 250 homes on a green space between Rockwell Green and Wellington.

Persimmon Homes South West is currently working on outline proposals to develop on land off Popes Lane, which would reduce the green buffer between Rockwell Green and Wellington.

The developer says the development would include affordable housing as well as retaining extensive public open space in the land off Popes Lane.

A public consultation event has been arranged for Thursday, June 27 from 3pm to 6pm at The Well Christian Centre, Rockwell Green, TA21 9BZ.

Members of the public are invited to attend the event to view draft details and discuss the proposals with members of the project team.

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There will also be a dedicated consultation website, which will be going live later this week:
Once the website is live, you will be able to view and comment on the proposals there if you cannot attend the in-person consultation.
A planning application has not yet been submitted and this consultation is run entirely by Persimmon so any queries should be directed to them.


  1. Sandra Salter Reply

    Why do we need more houses unless it’s all social housing but can’t see that happening ! I like rockwell green and wellington as it is but we need more infustructer ie … another secondary school ,another doctors surgery and dentist .

  2. Anonymous Reply

    They won’t be happy until all the green space has gone we have already noticed in the last 5 years a decline in the number of birds of prey sited where we live it makes you want to give up campaigning to save this planet when the people I charge don’t give a crap. And if you don’t care about the environment it will mean more traffic more pollution more localised flooding less availability to services – already over stretched and more crime as is natural when you start piling people into smaller spaces who the hall agrees this and how do they sleep at night! Probably very well in there expensive house with their expensive sheets in an area without additional housing!
    Why don’t they put the money towards looking after the residents that already live here and tax second homes and holiday homes so that it becomes unappealing then we would have enough houses for everyone!

  3. Alan Jenkins Reply

    No more homes without essential infrastructure we are being totally over burdened with population. and building to-many three four and five bedroom homes

    1. Anonymous Reply

      We don’t need any more homes being built here, there are far too many around Wellington as it is and the grounds and roads clearly cannot cope! Flooding is happening more frequently after a small amount of rain in places it never used to as there is no natural run off for it anymore.. just tarmac and the drainage can’t hold it. Houses are always built with such poor quality these days and no thought or consideration actually goes in to them apart from cramming as many as possible in to a small area to line pockets of developers.
      The town can’t cope, only 1 secondary school to cover the whole of Wellington, doctors don’t have capacity to take a phone call and try and see a dentist without paying a fortune.. Kids can’t even get in! No need for more!!

  4. Kate Kershaw Reply

    This is totally unacceptable. Wellington has had it’s fair share of new homes, without any thought to the extra traffic, the burden on our two struggling G.P practices, and the destruction of our lovely green spaces. It states that there will be affordable housing, but what percentage? Usually, this is just a ‘nod’ to make out it will benefit the local community, to get the planning passed.
    The Wellbeing of existing local residents needs to be a priority. I hope our local Council will strongly push back against this.

  5. Dawn Reply

    Not unless the developers are forced to build a new medical centre to take the pressure off the existing GPs and Dentists.

  6. Jamie Reply

    There is not enough dentists and doctors to house more people here. Everything including the roads need to be expanded before development.

  7. Roland Deem Reply

    Wellington has already been ruined by developers to the point where you can’t get a Dentists, get in contact with a Doctor or use the leisure centre. The property developers cram homes in like tiny cages. And they are poorly built.

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