More than 200 Somerset Council jobs to go in voluntary redundancies

DOZENS of council staff are set to be made redundant in a bid to save more than £40 million a year.

Somerset Council is set to lose more than 1,000 workers as it bids to plug a £100m financial shortfall in the coming years.

A voluntary redundancy scheme, which has now concluded, saw 201 applications accepted, which could save more than £8m a year.

As part of the programme, councillors are being asked to approve 49 redundancies which would cost the council more than £100,000 – including managers and senior directors.

The total cost of all the redundancies will be a one-off sum of £12.842m and will reduce the annual pay bill by £8.204m, meaning a pay back period of less than two years, the council said.

As the cost will be met from capital funds, as approved by Government, the pay bill reduction will start as soon as the post is removed.

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At a meeting of the full council on May 22, councillors will be recommended to approve redundancy for the 49 posts.

In all cases, staff will receive only the amounts they are contractually entitled to receive.

Cllr Bill Revans, leader of the council, said: “We had to make many difficult and heartbreaking decisions to set our budget this year, and that included plans for a top-to-bottom restructure of our council.

“We have always been clear about our position and it is essential that we make the tough choices to ensure our council is financially viable. The financial cost is in line with the legal terms and conditions of the post holders, no more, no less.

“This is the first step and we know there will be further changes and reductions in staff numbers coming through over the next 12 months as we look to find over £40m of savings from our pay bill.”

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  1. Nemisis Benn Reply

    Let us hope that Somerset Unitary Council learns from the silly mistakes made by SSDC with their “transformation”. Apparently SSDC’s problem was that many of the staff who took voluntary redundancy were the good staff. Once they left (with their bags of gold) the ones left behind were fairly useless, hence so many problems in Planning and Finance.

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