Mobile phone signal problems in parts of Somerset and Dorset

MOBILE phone users in parts of Somerset and Dorset are struggling to get a signal – due to a problem with networks.

The problem, which sees mobile phones get an intermittent signal or no signal at all, has been reported in parts of Somerset and Dorset including Wincanton, Castle Cary and Sherborne.

Vodafone and O2 are reporting “a problem with our mobile network in this area” and urging customers to be patient.

Vodafone said: “There’s a problem with our mobile network in this area at the moment that may be causing issues with your service.

“We’re sorry if you’re experiencing any disruption, we know how frustrating this can be.

“Rest assured, we’re working hard to fix this as quickly as we can, and we’ve asked a specialist engineer to investigate.”

O2 said it seemed a mast was not working in the area.

“Looks like a phone mast near to you isn’t working as it should, sorry,” the network checker said.

“Our engineers are on the case but your service might come and go until we fix it.”

Phones are showing signal going in and out during the issue, with apps struggling to update and phone calls often not connecting.

The issue is expected to be resolved some time this afternoon or into the early evening.

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