Image of woman who died in Langport used to promote Reform UK on Twitter

A PICTURE of a woman killed in a tragic incident at a Langport care home almost two years ago has been used in campaign literature by the Reform UK party – as a case study.

Barbara Rymell tragically passed away at the Ashley House care home in August 2022.

But on June 23, her image appeared in a tweet posted by a Twitter (now known as X) account named @TonyTonyTx, which claimed it was an 82-year-old nurse from Derby.

“I’ve voted Labour all my life but I’ll be voting for (Nigel Farage) and (Reform UK) at the general election,” the post went on.

“Quote tweet this and pass yours on. Let’s stop Keir Starmer. #VoteReformUK #NigelFarage #MBGA.”

The tweet has provoked outrage among social media users after it was revealed the picture was, in fact, that of Mrs Rymell.

However, the post was not the first by @TonyTonyTx to feature testimony from people it claimed were Reform UK voters, but were in fact using images of people who had passed away.

Others emerged which included pictures of a 93-year-old who passed away in 2019, and another featuring an image of 112-year-old Bob Weighton, who died in 2020, which the account claimed was an image of “a 79-year-old retired factory worker from Birmingham” urging others to vote for Reform UK.

It comes as Reform UK faced several defections from the party in recent days, with one candidate claiming the “vast majority” of Reform UK election hopefuls were “racist, misogynistic and bigoted”.

The party has hit back, with chair Richard Tice claiming on X the defections were part of a “dirty tricks” campaign by the Conservative Party.

There is no indication Reform UK was affiliated with the @TonyTonyTx account, which has now been deleted from the platform.

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