Glastonbury Pride to celebrate “unity through diversity” this July

GLASTONBURY Pride is returning to the town again this year and Glastonbury’s celebration of all things LGBTQI+ will feature a brunch event, entertainment at the Market Cross and an afternoon picnic.

Organisers say that for the first time, the intersex-inclusive pride flag will fly from the town hall to commemorate the celebration and to recognise the intersex community.

A spokesperson said: “Glastonbury Pride will celebrate unity through diversity – a day of visibility, queer spirituality and community solidarity with Glastonbury LGBTQI+ people, families, friends and allies.

“Glastonbury Pride 2024 will be the first [event] with the intersex-inclusive pride flag flying from the town hall.

The intersex flag which will be flown from the town hall to mark Glastonbury Pride.

“The event will feature a morning brunch, entertainment at the Market Cross until 2pm and then in St Ben’s Church, a fundraising raffle for local LGBTQI+ charities with prizes from local businesses, a blessing from the Priest of Antinous, Pride Services in St Ben’s and Glastonbury URC, an afternoon picnic, and contemplative spaces around the town and the Quakers, Street.

“At 1pm, we will march from the Market Cross around the town, bearing the intersex-inclusive flag, led by the Unity Candle. Any volunteers for march stewards are very welcome!”

The event will take place on July 28.

For updates and to get in contact about volunteering, keep an eye on the Glastonbury Pride Facebook Page.


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