General election set for July 4: Results from our Somerset poll

AS speculation over an impending general election reaches fever pitch – we thought it was about time we updated you on the results of our Somerset Leveller 2024 General Election Poll.

In a shock move, Rishi Sunak is expected to announce this evening that the UK will head to the polls to choose a new government on July 4.

And the results of our poll paint a pretty glum picture for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak as he looks to go to the country.

Clearly, caveats apply – this is by no means a scientific survey – but it can give us a little snapshot of what our readers are thinking.

So here are a few points from more than 340 responses.

  • A whopping 87% said they ‘disapprove’ of the current government’s record
  • 78% said they thought Rishi Sunak was not doing a good job
  • Almost as many, 67% think their MP is representing them ‘very badly’
  • The NHS is the issue most likely to influence how people will vote (21%), followed by the environment (20%), housing (15%) and the cost of living (14%)

Other questions looked to establish a picture of the people taking part in our poll – and they produced some surprising insights.

We asked who, from a list of recent prime ministers, people would most like to be in position now.

Perhaps surprisingly, Labour’s Gordon Brown came out on top, with 32% of respondents saying they wish he was in charge now.

Mr Brown was followed by Tony Blair (22%) and Margaret Thatcher (14%).

On a local level, we asked readers how they thought the current administration ‘has treated Somerset’.

A total of 45% said ‘very badly’. 41% said ‘fairly badly’, with just 1% saying the county is being treated ‘very well’. ‘Fairly well’ got 14% of the vote.

In a worrying indicator for the Conservative Government, when asked if the NHS had improved in their area in recent years, a massive 89% said ‘no’. Just 2% said it had improved.

And asked whether they thought crime had gone up or down in their area in recent years, 46% thought it had gone ‘up’, while 4% thought it had gone ‘down’.

Looking to the results of the next general election, more than three quarters of respondents (76%) said they think Sir Keir Starmer will be our next prime minister. Just 2% think Rishi Sunak will win the election and remain as PM. He was beaten into third place by ‘other’ (23%), which is puzzling.

As for who they think would make the best prime minister from our list of hopefuls, Leveller readers showed they are not particularly keen on any of the contenders, backing ‘other’ (64%) over Sir Keir Starmer (26%) and Rishi Sunak (9%).

So our thoughts then turned to a post-election political landscape.

We asked who people would most ‘like to be the next leader of the Conservative party’.

Top of the pile was Penny Mordaunt (37%). In second place, surprisingly, came former Tory MP Rory Stewart – who was ousted by Boris Johnson over Brexit – with 33% saying they would like him to return as leader.

In third place was Kemi Badenoch (9%), followed by Boris Johnson himself (5%) and Suella Braverman (3%).

The favouried next leader of the Labour party, meanwhile, will not make for happy reading for the Daily Mail, with Angela Raynor a clear winner, receiving 33% of the vote.

She was followed by Jeremy Corbyn (23%), with shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves in third place (14%). Wes Streeting got 9%.

When trying to get a sense of how people intend to vote at the next general election, we broke it down by constituency.

Here are the results for each Somerset seat:

Frome & East Somerset
Liberal Democrats: 38%
Reform: 25%
Green Party: 25%
Labour: 13%

Glastonbury & Somerton
Liberal Democrats: 31%
Green Party: 25%
Reform: 19%
Conservative: 13%
Labour: 6%
Other: 6%

Taunton & Wellington
Liberal Democrats: 69%
Don’t know: 15%
Conservative: 8%
Green Party: 8%

Tiverton & Minehead
Liberal Democrats: 60%
Reform: 20%
Green Party: 20%

Wells & Mendip Hills
Liberal Democrats: 67%
Conservative: 33%

Green Party: 90%
Liberal Democrats: 5%
Reform: 2%
Don’t know: 1%
Labour: 1%
Other: 1%

Labour: 56%
Reform: 22%
Liberal Democrats: 11%
Other: 11%

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  1. Ivan Idea Reply

    This article has a very left wing bias. The sample size is too small to be neaningful. I doubt that many people know or remember who Rory Stuart is and I look forward to seeing the election result from Yeovil in 90% are intending to b=vote Green.

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