Memory garden set for St Margaret’s Hospice after show displays

A MEMORY garden designed for a Taunton-based hospice is being showcased at shows.

The St Margaret’s Hospice Therapeutic Memory Garden went on display at the Gardeners’ World Spring Fair this month and is also set for the Bath and West Show, which runs from May 30 to June 1.

It is being sponsored by Queen’s College, in Taunton, which has a special link with the design team, as it includes former pupil, Lucy Allen.

Lucy, an acclaimed garden designer, is working with a team including Nigel Cox, a highly experienced horticulturist and former head of land and environmental services at Bridgwater and Taunton College; Alex Hale, an experienced Landscape Gardener and former Silver Medal winner at the BBC Gardeners World Spring Fair; and Sue Williams, an experienced gardener and former St Margaret’s Hospice carer.

“Bringing their collective expertise and passion to the creation of this garden, Lucy and her team aim to provide a therapeutic oasis for individuals with dementia and those nearing life’s end,” a college spokesperson said.

“Drawing inspiration from traditional gardens, the memory garden will feature old-fashioned plants such as forget-me-nots, sweet peas, and clematis, evoking nostalgia and familiarity for visitors, particularly residents of St Margaret’s Hospice.”

As part of the collaborative effort, residents at St Margaret’s Hospice will contribute to the garden’s ambience by painting pebbles which will adorn the garden’s pathways.

“We are thrilled to support this visionary project,” said Julian Noad, head of Queen’s College. “St Margaret’s Hospice is close to the heart of many of the Queen’s community.

“Furthermore, at Queen’s, we believe in fostering strong community ties and nurturing partnerships that make a positive impact.”

After the Bath and West Show, the garden will be donated to St Margaret’s to improve its garden space for the residents.

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  1. Anne Elizabeth. Reply

    Such a beautiful garden exists at the purpose built SMH site in Yeovil- sadly no longer used as an IPU. Shortsighted decision making by trustees and management. So sad.

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