Leveller® Confidential

In 2022 we will be launching a new online news service.

Whilst we remain committed to hard copy newspapers in a monthly format, we are going to start offering an alternative. The new service is for those who would rather receive their news on a more regular basis and via email.

Leveller® Confidential will eventually be a paid for service with a monthly subscription.

However we will be running a free version too. So sign up now and take a look.

We will publish articles at least fortnightly and eventually weekly and send an electronic copy to you. The articles will cover the same sort of material as the hard copy Leveller® but in more depth. You’ll also get our material ahead of the monthly paper as we’ll be publishing at least weekly.

If you are interested in getting more information on the Leveller® Confidential service, please send your email contact details to

We will only keep your email details for the purposes of contacting you in connection with Leveller ® Confidential.


  1. Graham Livings Reply

    “The power of the press is very great, but not so great as the power of suppress”! (Northcliffe 1865 – 1922)

    Onwards & Upwards, Somerset’s ‘largest’ circulation Newspaper in a decade ensuring ‘truth’ to power! The ‘commitment’ to ‘ink-journalism’ an imperative, pace (Burning the Books: Richard Ovenden: ISBN 978 1 529 37875 7) the ‘definitive’ on the ‘false’ panacea of Algorithms. The ‘wanton’ demise of centuries local newspapers, spawned a plethora of ‘wan-a-bee’ journalist, a 24/7 calling; news doesn’t await the ‘digital-response’ out of office/weekend-brake/closed for Christmas!

    Never lose sight of those ‘pioneer’ proprietors ‘extraordinaire’.*

    *Published and be Dammed: Hugh Cudlipp: 1953
    Mail Men: Adrian Addison: 1SBN 978 1 78239 9704

    Suggest ‘out-reach’ on ‘nomenclature’ LEVELLER ‘EXPOSE’!
    Confirm: BACS forthwith!

  2. Bas Reply

    How true about wan-a-bee journalists. Have you read the content of a typical Sunday Times? Claptrap written by people who probably don’t even have their wisdom teeth.

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