Cattery plan for village near Taunton – as business moves from Bridgwater

A CATTERY could be built in Kingston St Mary if plans are approved.

Somerset Council has received a planning application for a piece of land at Park Lane Nurseries, in Park Lane, on behalf of Mr and Mrs Webber.

It would house up to 32 cats at a time, with the structure featuring 14 pens to hold a maximum of two cats, and a larger family pen that could hold up to four cats.

The application outlines how the owners are planning to move a current cattery business in Goathurst, near Bridgwater, to Kingston St Mary.

“The applicants have been running a successful modest cattery business from their home in Goathurst, near Bridgwater, for some nine years,” the application, submitted by JV Planning & Building Design, said.

“They are in the process of moving home to the application site and are looking to move the cattery business with them.

A drawing of the proposed cattery building. Picture: JV Planning & Building Design/Somerset Council

A drawing of the proposed cattery building. Picture: JV Planning & Building Design/Somerset Council

“The applicants have undertaken their research prior to purchasing, and strongly believe there will be demand in the area.

“It is argued that such a use needs a semi-rural location,” the application went on.

“Road access, highway standards and transport links are all very good. What must be remembered here is that the proposal is extremely low key and will not affect any adjoining neighbours or other properties.

“Traffic generation will be minimal, and the proposal will make good use of an existing concrete hard standing while providing a service for the local parishes.”

The application argued that, should the proposal be rejected, residents of villages surrounding Kingston St Mary would be forced to travel to Taunton for such facilities.

It added: “The applicants have looked into this proposal very carefully.

“In truth, there probably isn’t a market for a further cattery in Taunton, and this sort of service does tend to be located in rural environments anyway.

“The people of Taunton will most likely use the catteries in Taunton and by locating everything in the towns, there is an argument to suggest you are in fact increasing traffic movements, not reducing them.”

For more details on the plans, and to comment, log on to and search for reference 20/24/0019.

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